The Private Vault Book

The Private VaultBecome Your Own Banker: How to Grow Wealth Quickly and Tax-Free

Expert Unveils How Successful Families and Businesses Compound Wealth by Eliminating Costly Financial Intermediaries

SEATTLE, Wash., October 28, 2013 - Nationally recognized expert on retirement planning, business formation and wealth accumulation Greg Boots announces the release of The Private Vault: A Guide to Building Tax-Free Income in the New Economy.

Americans' ability to grow their wealth is under unprecedented pressure from the combination of rising taxes, investment market risk and an endless stream of fees extracted by everyone from their mortgage lender to their credit card company to their 401(k) plan. These fees and market risks - along with taxes - impose a staggering cumulative drain on our overall wealth. As a result, most of us are running in place while financial intermediaries earn billions at our expense.

In The Private Vault: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future, Greg Boots explains:

  • How to become your own "banker," rewriting the rules of the game to cut out costly financial intermediaries and grow your wealth more quickly.
  • How to use customized permanent life insurance to earn tax-free returns on your capital.
  • How to finance large personal and business expenses, college costs, and even retirement on your terms, even as you continue to build wealth.
  • How to leave a legacy that will pass the same benefits to your loved ones.

Using his "Private Vault" strategy, Boots shows business owners and individuals how to shift their wealth creation into a higher gear. The Private Vault strategy has long been used by prominent American families and successful businesses to accumulate wealth tax-free—and to finance major purchases and investments in business and real estate, even as their capital continues to grow.

"This book can make an enormous difference for individuals and business owners seeking an edge in keeping and accumulating their wealth," says Boots. "Very few people are aware there's a simple strategy that will help them do just that."

The Private Vault: How to Take Control of Your Financial Future shows you exactly how to shelter income from taxes as you cut out the finance-industry middlemen to take control of your financial future.

The eBook will be available by November 1st with the hardcover following in early December.

About Greg Boots

Greg Boots is a nationally recognized speaker and expert on wealth accumulation, business formation, estate planning and retirement planning. He has helped thousands of clients across the country achieve their goals. Greg manages Anderson Retirement Solutions and Anderson Business Advisors, PLLC. He holds multiple licenses in securities and insurance and is a licensed attorney who graduated Cum Laude from Seattle University School of Law in 1997.