Anderson Private Vault

Anderson's "Private Vault" strategy is a powerful tool to help business owners and individuals shift their wealth creation into a higher gear. Our Private Vault strategy helps clients transition toward financial independence, breaking free from banks, credit card companies and other financial intermediaries that charge a never-ending stream of fees and interest. Our strategy allows you to:

  • Become your own "banker," removing costly financial intermediaries in order to grow your wealth more quickly.
  • Finance large personal and business expenses, college costs, and retirement on your terms, even as you continue to build wealth.
  • Leave a legacy that will pass the same benefits to your loved ones.

How It Works

The Private Vault strategy has long been used by prominent American families, but is not widely known. Its cornerstone is permanent life insurance that is customized to enable you to rapidly compile a significant cash value. That cash value serves as a source of financing for everything from car purchases to vacations to college tuition to retirement. The Private Vault also allows you to finance investments in real estate or your business without jumping through bankers' hoops.

The Private Vault Advantage

Financing through your Private Vault is far superior to traditional financing. Even as you borrow against your policy's cash value, that cash value continues to accrue interest and to grow—tax-free—as you continue to fund it. The bottom line: Your wealth can continue to grow even as you use it to finance major needs. The Private Vault allows you to cut out the finance-industry middlemen and their crushing fees and interest and take control of your financial future.

For a complementary analysis, including Greg Boots' book The Private Vault: A Guide to Building Tax-Free Income in the New Economy, contact us.